Welcome from Mr Barnaby Sandow (Principal)

In December of 2014 the Board of Directors invited me to become the Principal of Jerudong International School. For me, this is the greatest professional privilege imaginable. As of August 2015, I will have been at JIS for 10 years. I have visited many other schools across the region in the last decade, but, after every trip, I thank my lucky stars that I am coming home to JIS. It is my job to set the tone, lay out our priorities as an institution and communicate to you how we are striving to maximise the potential in every child. This is what we are all about.

The mission of our school is to Achieve Excellence. For us, that means enabling every student to become the very best they can be. I hope that you can see in these pages how our children are being stretched to produce their best in so many different arenas.

mission logoSpecifically, we are encouraging them to Participate in a wide variety of activities to broaden their experience, find things they love and build up their self esteem. The weekly programme of House Concerts and Sports has seen more children taking part than ever before. This enables them to more easily Integrate into our society and learn about mutual respect for their peers and all the people around them. Peace week was a real highlight for me, as all students stopped and thought for themselves about how the way they act influences others. Every student is given opportunities to develop their Leadership skills. As their esteem and motivation grows they can take ownership of their personal destiny to a greater extent. We now run the most successful International Award programme in the world. This is proof of how well team building activities have embedded themselves into the JIS psyche. These are our Pastoral aims they are specifically chosen to reinforce all that we are trying to achieve Academically.

holistic educationBy participating in activities and communicating leadership aims, their Language skills are reinforced. Who could ever forget the production of Oliver! and the interpretive language skills that were on display? Playing a key role in our integrated society breeds the expectation of an Active Engagement within lessons. Any visitor to the school on Earth Day would marvel at how our students took ownership of the issues facing the next generation; it particularly pleased me how student driven each of the campaigns were. The issues in integrating different people, alongside the evaluation required to lead effectively, provides a formative environment in which our students’ Thinking Skills develop. I have the privilege of walking around school and seeing first hand how the Junior School Philosophy for Children is prompting children to develop their own ideas and how these skills are being developed through senior courses such as Theory of Knowledge with techniques like Harkness Debating. There is a continuum in place to facilitate the development of your child at each individual level.

At JIS we are working hard to pursue an excellent course of holistic education that creates the next generation of self confident, well rounded, high achieving individuals who can flourish as global citizens.

I trust you are seeing the evidence to support this first hand as your hugely impressive children come home to you, and that you enjoy seeing how they Achieve Excellence in these website pages.

Barnaby Sandow


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